【Official】Joetsu Naoetsu Station Hotel Heimat front of the Hotel Heimat lodging, lunches, catered lunch

Good location in front of the north exit of Naoetsu Station.Recommended for business and sightseeing.

Convenient location in front of the station.
Free parking is available for about 80 cars(First come, first served)
We manufacture and sell ekiben sold at Naoetsu Station and Joetsumyoko Station

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    The business hours of Restaurant TASHICHI and Ekiben-ya Yamazakiya may change depending on the day.
    Please be aware of the business hours of each store when you come to the store.

Restaurant TASHICHI Notice of business hours

  • ●〇●〇2nd floor restaurant TASHICHI business hours notice●〇●〇

    We have resumed business from October 18th (Wednesday).

    ●Opening Hours●
      Lunch time 11:30 to 14:30(Order stop 14:00)
      Dinner time 17:00 to 21:30(Order stop 21:00)
      Lunch time 11:30 to 14:30(Order stop 14:00)
      Dinner time 17:00 to 22:00(Order stop 21:00)

    ●Regular holiday●
  • In 2024, we will be holding the “Nanakusa Porridge Fair”!

    Nanakusa-gayu to pray for good health.
    To pray for your health, we will be serving Nanakusa porridge at lunchtime for a limited time only.

    Period January 7th (Sunday) to January 10th, 2024(Wednesday)
    11:00 to 14:30
    Fee: 2,700 yen(Tax included)

    *Reservation required

New Year's Eve / New Year's Eve

  • End 2023 with Heimat's New Year's Eve dishes!

    Popular thanks every year!
    Heimat's New Year's and New Year's dishes are now available!

    Luxury osechi is perfect for adding color to the New Year!
    We also have 4 other dishes available!
    We also carry gifts for year-end gifts, etc.

    For more information, please visit the special page

Delivery takeaway food

  • Deliver your desired dishes to your home

    A dinner party at a hotel is fine, but
    Why don't you enjoy the food of the hotel in the comfort of your own home?

    You can choose from 3 types of set plan carefully selected by the chief chef, and you can choose dishes according to various purposes such as dining with family and friends by arranging a la carte dishes.
    The special bento box that can be enjoyed only for the season is also very popular.

    Joetsu City, so please feel free to contact us.

Banquets and memorial services

  • Only a few more days left this year! Let's have fun in the new year! Year End & New Year Party Plan

    2023 is just a few days away...
    A year-end party where you can enjoy looking back on the events of the year,
    As we welcome a new year, we hold New Year's parties with resolutions in mind.
    Would you like some delicious food from Heimat?

    It can be used not only for banquets with a large number of people, but also for a small number of people.
    Choose from a variety of venues, from spacious large venues to small, relaxing Japanese-style rooms.

    We will create a plan according to your wishes, so please feel free to contact us.
  • Celebration, anniversary banquet, first seven days and forty-ninth day memorial service

    From a hotel-like style venue to a tatami room, etc.
    We will prepare according to the number of people and budget.

    We are currently accepting a New plan

    See details on the banquet page or
    Please call us.


  • Hotel Heimat Wedding

    At the hotel in front of the station, we matched our style,
    Please enjoy an original wedding full of individuality.

Access information

Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Heimat


1-2-3 Chuo, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture

Telephone number



1 minute walk from the north exit of Naoetsu Station Niigata Prefecture

There are 80 free parking lots for the 1st and 360th ml.
(First-come-first-served basis.We cannot make reservations)

On Google Maps
The first parking lot is on the right side of "Niigata License Management Center Joetsu Branch",
The second parking lot is near "Corpo Yamazaki" diagonally to the left of the first.
Both have a signboard at the entrance.

If the car is full, please use the nearby pay parking lot.
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Passion of Hotel Heimat ①

  • Local famous sake brewery Tanaka Sake Brewery

    Tanaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. located in Nagahama Joetsu City
    Sake brewing has been preserved since the Tokugawa Period, which was said to be Notoya, until it was stubborn.
    Good quality rice from Niigata and clean water from the snowy country.
    A famous sake produced by the rich blessings of nature and Echigo Toji "Notaka"
    Please give it to me.

Passion of Hotel Heimat ②

  • Please enjoy good quality and fresh seafood.Ichijirushi Joetsu Uoichiba Co., Ltd., Kaneman Joetsu Suisan Co., Ltd.

    Ichijirushi Joetsu Uoichiba Co., Ltd., Kaneman Joetsu Suisan Co., Joetsu City Kida, Joetsu City.
    We purchase fresh fish carefully selected every morning from the market, centering on the seasonal local fish that are landed, and provide them to everyone.
    There are many types of products handled in this market on the Sea of Japan side, which is said to be one of the characteristics of this market.

    Enjoy not only fresh sashimi but also simmered and fried foods.

Passion of Hotel Heimat ③

  • Machida Soy Sauce and Miso Brewery made by passionate manufacturing method

    Machida Soy Sauce and Miso Brewery Higashihoncho, Joetsu City.
    We use two types of manufacturing methods: the "main brewing method," which is a general soy sauce manufacturing method, and the "mixed brewing method," which is not used by major manufacturers these days.
    In particular, the "mixed brewing method" has a unique taste, richness, and roundness, and is characterized by its smooth soy sauce.

Passion of Hotel Heimat ④

  • Yamamoto Miso Brewery nostalgic taste that has been around for a long time

    Yamamoto Miso Brewery center of Joetsu City.
    We have had a long relationship with our hotel since the Taisho era.
    Handmade miso made from specially cultivated rice Koshihikari and sun-dried salt,
    Most of the ingredients are miso made from Produced in Naoetsu

    It is a miso that is made with time and effort.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.