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Restaurant TASHICHI

"Restaurant TASHICHI" has been certified as The Shop of Promoting Local Production for Local Consumption in Joetsu City

Naoetsu Station before a 1-minute walk of the good location, please use the hotel's free parking.
At the restaurant directly managed by the hotel, we will deliver the seasonal seafood and mountain villages caught in the sea near the fresh fish market.
Please use it for various purposes such as dinner parties, banquets, girls-only gatherings, and entertainment.
 Please contact the TASHICHI direct-dial "025-543-7125" for more details.
  • Restaurant TASHICHI

    【Lunch opening hours】
     From 11:30 to 14:00(Last order 13:30)
    【Supper business hours】
     From 17:00 to 20:30(Last order 20:00)
      ☎︎ (direct) 025-543-7125

    【Regular holiday】

    At our shop, we are strengthening and thoroughly implementing preventive measures against Novel Coronavirus
    Acrylic boards were installed at the counter seats.

    We will continue to strive to ensure that our customers can enjoy their meals and alcohol with peace of mind.Please feel free to use it.We'll be expecting you.

  • Yarossa-kai

    For meals with a TASHICHI number of children, please use Yarossa-kai's "Yarossa-kai".
    New Year's party / Alumni association / Welcome and farewell party / Summer party / Ideal for gathering friends!
    (Corona overrun, we will only serve one person.)

    *We accept from 3 people.
     Please make a reservation in advance if you want to use it.

    Tel:025-543-7125(TASHICHI direct)
    • One person(Tax included, drink fee not included)

      3,100 yen plan

      5 dishes (appetizer / sashimi / salad / fried / seasonal grilled) + meal

      3,600 yen plan

      5 dishes (appetizer / sashimi / salad / fried / seasonal grilled) + meal + dessert

      4,100 yen plan

      6 dishes (appetizer / sashimi / salad / meat / fried / seasonal grilled) + meal + dessert
  • lunch

    We have single dishes, set meals, and various types.
    • Lunch menu  

      Megis fried set meal

      small bowl/rice/Miso soup/Incense    968 yen(Included)

      Dried squid tempura set meal

      small bowl/rice/Miso soup/Incense    968 yen(Included)

      Tonkatsu set meal

      small bowl/rice/Miso soup/Incense    968 yen(Included)

      Bowl of rice topped with sashimi

      small bowl/rice/Miso soup/Incense     1320 yen(Included)

      Sashimi set meal

      small bowl/rice/Miso soup/Incense     1650 yen(Included)
  • Dinner

    We have a wide variety of products.
    • Dinner menu

      Sake appetizer

      TASHICHI special omelet/Dried phantom fish/Dried squid overnight/Pickled squid off the coast/Boiled black shellfish/Mozuku vinegar/Plum miso cucumber/Assorted pickles/cold tofu/Cheese sticks

      Seafood Dish

      Dried squid tempura / Megis fried tempura / Deep-fried local fish and tofu

      Meat Dish

      Beef tendon stew/Beef steak/Fried chicken/Pork Toro Kushiyaki / Kushikatsu


      The local fish of the season from such Naoetsu / No / Nadachi / Arimagawa / Saihama / Jogehama / Kakizaki, to every morning Heimat Please enjoy eating the lively "fish" of the Sea of Japan.


      Steak salad/Pasta salad/Hot egg bacon salad/Tomato salad/Green salad


      Seafood bowl "small bowl / miso soup / incense" 1,320 yen(Tax included)


      Joetsu's Gottsuo "Sashimi, Megisu Fry, Black Babylonia, Noppe Boiled, Small Bowl, Rice, Miso Soup, Incense" 1,683 yen(Tax included)


      Tonkatsu set/Meggis fly set/Dried squid tempura set "Sashimi, small bowl, rice, miso soup, incense" 1,320 yen each(Tax included)
  • drink

    We have various kinds of sake, beer, whiskey, shochu, sour, wine, cocktails, soft drinks, etc.
    • Drink sake 720ml *360ml / 180ml are also available


      2,552 yen(Tax included)

      Myokosan(Main brewing)

      2,552 yen(Tax included)

      Setchubai(Ordinary sake)

      2,320 yen(Tax included)

      Chiyo no Hikari(Tenpuku)

      3,524 yen(Tax included)

      Ginda River(Special book brewing)

      3,524 yen(Tax included)

      Ayumasamune(Pure rice ginjo)

      4,219 yen(Tax included)

      Katafune(Pure rice ginjo)

      4,219 yen(Tax excluded)

      Hokusetsu YK35

      10,870 yen(Tax included)