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Restaurant TASHICHI

"Restaurant TASHICHI" has been certified as The Shop of Promoting Local Production for Local Consumption in Joetsu City

Good location, 1 minute walk from Naoetsu station.Please use the parking lot of the hotel.
Our restaurant is directly managed by the hotel and is purchased from the market every morning.
We will deliver fresh seafood and the season of Yamazato.
Please use it for various purposes such as dinner parties, banquets, girls-only gatherings, and entertainment.
 Please contact the TASHICHI direct-dial "025-543-7125" for more details.
  • Restaurant TASHICHI Business Hours

    Opening Hours
      Sunday, Tuesday to Thursday
         Lunch time 11:30 to 14:30(Order stop 14:00)
         Dinner time 17:00 to 21:30(Order stop 21:00)
         Lunch time 11:30 to 14:30(Order stop 14:00)
         Dinner time 17:00 to 22:00(Order stop 21:00)

    Regular holiday:Monday
    *Open on 7/15 and 8/12
  • 【Notice】 Eel fair starts from 6/1!

    【Period】June 1st (Saturday) - August 31st(Saturday)
    【Price】 Grilled eel on rice 3500 yen
        Umaki roll 1800 yen

    *Take-out is also available by reservation.
  • On sale from June 1st! Hotel maid "Weekend Citron"!

    Weekend Citron is a lemon flavored butter cake!
    A luxurious bite that tastes like baked goods!
    Enjoy your meal!

    【For takeout】
    Hotel maid☆
    ・Weekend Citron 1 bottle ¥2200
    *Please make your reservation at least 4 days in advance.

    【For in-store use】
    ¥600(Tax included)

  • TASHICHI's "Noryokai plan" is now accepting reservations!

    Please use it for banquets and dinner parties.

    【Fare】4400 yen(Tax included)
    7 items including meals
    *The photograph is an image

    ●We accept from 2 people
    ●Please make a reservation by the day before
    ●The price of the dish is the tax-included price
    ●Drinks will be charged separately
    ●Others We will respond according to your budget
  •   "Sea bream rice (sea bream fisherman rice bowl)"

    【Sea bream ¥1800】

    Plump sea bream sashimi and sliced pickles on top of rice!
    Luxurious fisherman's rice with 2 special sauces and egg yolk!

    You can fully enjoy fresh sea bream"Sea bream』\
    please enjoy eating
  • "Luxury seafood bowl』\

    【Luxury seafood bowl】
    ●Tashichi Rice Bowl ¥2,500
  • lunch time

    If you want to eat seasonal sashimi for lunch, go to "TASHICHI".

    "Kaisendon" and "sashimi set meal" using fresh seafood procured from the market are standard and popular menus.

    The popular weekday-only weekly set meal is a great lunch menu with a wide variety of fish and meat dishes, cooked rice, and more.

    In addition, we also have one-of-a-kind dishes such as Naoetsu's specialty, Megisu fried, and Japanese flying squid tempura.

    At the end of the meal, enjoy cakes, ice cream and coffee.
    • Lunch time menu

      Bowl of rice topped with sashimi

      small bowl/rice/Miso soup/Incense     1,500 JPY(Included)

      Sashimi set meal

      small bowl/rice/Miso soup/Incense     1,800 yen(Included)

      Megis fried set meal

      small bowl/rice/Miso soup/Incense    1,000 JPY(Included)

      Dried squid tempura set meal

      small bowl/rice/Miso soup/Incense    1,200 JPY(Included)

      Sangen pork cutlet set meal

      rice/Miso soup/Incense    1,500 JPY(Included)

      Megis Tenzaru

      Zaru soba / Megis tempura 1,100 yen(Included)

      Children's lunch

      Rice/Chicken nugget/wiener/meatballs/Fried Shrimp/potato salad/French fries ¥880(Included)

      Various cakes

      Banana Cake/Chocolate mousse cake/Rare cheese cake

      Various ice creams


      Various soft drinks

      Hot coffee/iced coffee/Tea/juice/Oolong Tea
      Period available:
      From 11:30 to 14:30(Last order 14:00)
  • Dinner time

    At dinner time, we have a wide variety of dishes such as fresh sashimi, snacks that go well with sake, single dishes, meat dishes, and recommended menus for the day.

    Fried Megisu, a specialty of Naoetsu, and set meals of dried squid tempura are popular.

    Enjoy a luxurious meal with delicious sake.

    • Dinner time menu

      Sake appetizer

      TASHICHI special omelet/Dried phantom fish/Dried squid overnight/Pickled squid off the coast/Boiled black babylonia/Mozuku vinegar/Plum miso cucumber/Assorted pickles/cold tofu/Cheese sticks

      Seafood Dish

      Dried squid tempura/Meggis fried tempura

      Meat Dish

      Beef tendon stew/Beef steak/Fried chicken


      We purchase seasonal fish from Naoetsu, Saihama, Nadachi, Arimagawa, Kakizaki No Jogehama.


      Steak salad/Hot egg bacon salad/Tomato salad/Green salad


      Seafood bowl "Small bowl / Miso soup / Incense" 1,500 yen(Tax included)

      Recommended set

      Joetsu's Gottsuo "Sashimi, Fried Megis, Black Babylonia, Noppe Boiled, Small Bowl, Rice, Miso Soup, Incense" 2,000 yen(Tax included)

      Set meal

      Sashimi set meal "Small bowl, rice, miso soup, incense" 1,800 yen(Included)

      Set meal

      Megisu fry set meal “Small bowl, rice, miso soup, incense” 1,000 yen each(Tax included)

      Set meal

      Surume tempura set meal “Small bowl, rice, miso soup, incense” 1,200 yen(Tax included)

      Set meal

      Sangenton Tonkatsu Set Meal "Rice, Miso Soup, Incense" 1,500 yen(Tax included)
  • drink

    We have various kinds of sake, beer, whiskey, shochu, sour, wine, cocktails, soft drinks, etc.

    We have a large selection of local sake from Niigata, which is the place for rice.
    "Nohtaka," "Setchubai," and "Notaka" in the Joetsu area are popular.
    • Drink sake 720ml *360ml / 180ml are also available


      3,080 yen(Tax included)

      Myokosan(Main brewing)

      3,520 yen(Tax included)

      Setchubai(Ordinary sake)

      3,520 yen(Tax included)

      Chiyo no Hikari(Tenpuku)

      4,400 yen(Tax included)

      Ginda River(Special book brewing)

      3,850 yen(Tax included)

      Ayumasamune(Pure rice ginjo)

      4,620 yen(Tax included)

      Katafune(Pure rice ginjo)

      6,270 yen(Tax included)
  • Take-out

    We also accept take-out of three types of bento boxes and single dishes.

    If you make a reservation in advance, you can hand it over without waiting.
    (If you need a take-out bag, you will be charged a separate bag fee.)

    ☎ (Direct) 025-543-7125
    • Takeaway menu

      Megis fly lunch

      1,000 yen(Tax included)

      Ten bento

      1,200 yen(Tax included)

      Pork cutlet lunch

      1,500 JPY(Tax included)

      Tamagoyaki with menta mayonnaise

      1,000 JPY(Tax included)

      Meggis fly

      770 yen(Tax included)

      Heaven to do

      1,000 yen(Tax included)

      Fried chicken

      660 yen(Tax included)
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