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In this facility / facility

We will welcome you with "hospitality of kindness", which is the basic principle of Hotel Heimat

New office plan

  • Office plan

    Great for daytime work! Introducing "Office plan"!

    ・I work from home, but I want to work outside of my home ...
    ・It's hard to work in the lobby or coffee shop ...

    We will offer a plan for the worries of Corona

    The room that was originally provided as an accommodation room has been changed to a work style.
    The spacious 16 m² room is equipped with a TV, kettle and an empty refrigerator.
    You can also bring your own food.
    Internet connection is also possible.It can also be used with wired LAN and Wi-Fi.

    ※※User benefits※※
     This is a privilege service that can be used during the business hours of TASHICHI" on the 2nd floor.
     (This is not available on Mondays as it is a closed day)
      ・Free cup of coffee
      ・Room service available for TASHICHI
       (Eating and drinking charges are charged.No service fee required.Only some menus can be provided)

    Recommended for those who want to relax during the day and spend time in a private room.
    For reservations and inquiries, please contact us by phone or email.

    ●Office plan●
      Start of use from October 1, 2021
      (plan contents and precautions carefully.)

      ○Standard Rate
       ・1-day pack (9:00 to 20:00) 5,000 yen(Tax included)
       ・4-hour pack (4 hours from 9:00 to 20:00) 2,500 yen(Tax included)
       ・4-hour pack extension fee (1 hour) 1,000 yen(Tax included)

       ・Use is for reservation only.Please contact us by the day before.
       ・Limited to use by one person.
       ・Beds and bathrooms are not available in the rooms.
       ・We do not rent out the PC itself.
       ・Wi-Fi may be difficult to connect depending on the usage situation and method.
        Please set the connection settings by yourself.
       ・User benefits cannot be used on TASHICHI holidays such as Mondays.
        Please check the TASHICHI" page for available days, times, and menus.
  • Front desk
    When you enter the entrance, it is located in front of you and welcomes you with a smile.
  • lobby
    Please use the lobby in front of the front desk for work meetings and meetings.
  • Restaurant TASHICHI

    The restaurant TASHICHI, you can enjoy the "season of taste" in the center of the local sake, local fish-specialties.
    Especially for Japanese seafood, we go to the market every day to buy lively fish caught in the sea, and we are proud of its freshness and deliciousness!
    We offer "seasonal taste" that carefully selected seasonal ingredients such as special products "phantom fish", "surume", "book snow crab", "cod", "sweet shrimp", and "firefly squid".
    We also have a large selection of local sake, including "Notaka", "Setchubai", "Myokosan", "Myokosan Hakkaisan", "Ayumasamune" and others.
    We also offer a variety of shochu.
    Please enjoy it to your heart's content.

Feast ・ Legal meeting place

We have large and small venues to meet the needs of various banquets and meetings.

  • Welcome and farewell party / Thanksgiving party / Alumni association / Class meeting / Summer party / New Year party / Celebration / Entertainment / Meeting / Lecture / Wedding / Buddhist memorial service, etc.
    We will prepare a venue that suits you according to the number of people and the purpose of use.
    Please feel free to contact us.

Western-style room type

Phoenix2F / Western-style room/360㎡/150 to 350 people
Myoko2F / Western-style room/230㎡/100 to 200 people
Horai3F / Western-style room/250㎡/100 to 200 people
Hosen 2/32F / Western-style room/244㎡/100 to 210 people
Aichi E16A2F / Western-style room/164㎡/72 to 100 people
Yoneyama2F / Western-style room/138㎡/50 to 70 people
Kurohime2F / Western-style room/90㎡/30 to 50 people
Sado3F / Western-style room/161㎡/50 to 70 people
Kasuga3F / Western-style room/82㎡/30 to 50 people
swan3F / Western-style room/84㎡/40 to 60 people
lily of the valley3F / Western-style room/41㎡/12 to 20 people
Autumn Foliage3F / Western-style room/42㎡/12 to 20 people
Orion4F / Western-style room/20 square meters/6 to 8 people
Camellia4F / Western-style room/20 square meters/6 to 8 people
Fairy4F / Western-style room/18 square meters/6 to 8 people

Japanese room type

Red plum4F / Japanese-style room/155 square meters/64 people
Wisteria4F / Japanese-style room/91 square meters/40 people
Snow camellia4F / Japanese-style room/64 square meters/24 people
Atago4F / Japanese-style room/55 square meters/18 people
Cherry Blossoms4F / Japanese-style room/36 square meters/14 people
plum4F / Japanese-style room/23 square meters/10 people

Accommodation and accommodation facilities

Number of rooms70 rooms in total:68 Western-style rooms/2 Japanese-style rooms
Western-style translation:52 single rooms(11-12㎡)/4 double rooms(16 to 16 m2)/Twin 12 rooms(22 to 23㎡)/0 suite(---)
Guest Room Equipment/SuppliesNon-smoking room (Yes)/Smoking room (Yes)/All rooms bath and toilet/Shower in all rooms/Air conditioning in all rooms/TV set/Satellite broadcasting/Paid video cable/Modular jack/kettle/Tea set/refrigerator/Hairdryer/trouser presser(Lending)/Desk lamp iron(Lending)/humidifier(Lending)/Toilet with washing machine/Air cleaner(Only in some rooms)
Internet relatedAll rooms are available 
[Connection method]Wired LAN / Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free
Free Wi-Fi is available in the rooms in the South Building.
(It may not be possible to connect due to your security settings, or it may be difficult to connect depending on the radio wave condition.Please understand.)
Amenitiesshampoo/conditioner/Body wash/Body sponge/Toothbrush/Comb/brush/bath towel/Face towel/yukata/slipper/Cotton swab/Shaver
 *Since April 2021, it will be installed in some amenities corners.
Facilities in this facilityRestaurant/Lounge/banquet hall/conference room/Wedding hall/Chapel/Shinto ceremony hall/(Pick-up buzz available)/vending machine
About parking lotThere are 80 free parking lots for the 1st and 360th ml.
(First-come-first-served basis.We cannot make reservations or secure)

If the car is full, please use the nearby pay parking lot.
Service & Leisure(Including arrangements)Cleaning service(Paid,Closed on Sundays and other irregular holidays)/Massage(Paid)/Fax can be sent/morning Call/home delivery(Paid)
Credit cards available locallyVisa / JCB / American Express / Diners Club / UC / DC / NICOS / Master Card / CF / JTB / Rakuten KC / Debit Card
Standard check-in time15:00
Standard check-out time10:00
Cancellation provisionsCancellation fees are as follows.
No-show:50% of room rate
On the day of arrival:50% of room rate
The day before:20% of room rate

*It plan each plan, so please check the plan
Meal placeBreakfast:Handing over at the front desk
Dinner:Restaurant TASHICHI (Closed on Mondays)
barrier-freewheelchair/Wheelchairs for rent/barrier-free toilet
*barrier-free facilities and the range of services that can be provided vary depending on the accommodation facility.
 Please check directly with the property in advance so that you can use the property without any inconvenience.