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About Joetsu accommodation discount

Reservation acceptance for "Joetsu City Accommodation Discount Campaign" has ended.

  • Available to all customers who come to Joetsu City

    In order to promote the attraction of tourists to accommodation facilities in the city, which are particularly economically damaged by the effects of the Novel Coronavirus infection, and to revitalize the local economy.
    The Joetsu Tourism Convention Association is conducting the "Now is the time to stay in Joetsu? Joetsu City Accommodation Campaign".

    We have reached the reservation limit, so we are no longer accepting new reservations.
    Please understand that even if you contact us for a discount, we will not be able to do so.

○○●○○ Campaign overview ○○●○○ 

  • ●usage period
      Accommodation on Friday, January 21, 4th year of Reiwa-Wednesday, August 31st, 4th year of Reiwa

    ●Discount amount
      Per person per night
       ・Tax-included 3,000 yen to 9,999 yen・ ・ ・50% discount
       ・10,000 yen or more including tax・ ・ ・5,000 yen discount

       *Discount is applied only to the accommodation plan at the time of booking.
        We will not respond to meals outside the plan or when changing the plan on the day.
       *When using in combination with the national or prefectural discount system, after applying the national or prefectural discount,
        plan of 3,000 yen or more including tax are eligible.
       *When used in combination with the national or prefectural system, the amount of coupons obtained will be
        It is not applicable if the payment amount exceeds the discounted amount.
       *Discounts of less than 100 yen are rounded down.
       *The displayed price includes tax.

    For details, please check the dedicated site of the Joetsu City Tourism Convention Association.

○○●○○ About application method ○○●○○ 

  • We have reached the upper limit, so we are no longer accepting new reservations.

○○●○○ Precautions ○○●○○ 

*Please be sure to read it.The hotel's own notes are also included.

  • ●Applications and combinations cannot be made by phone or from other reservation sites (Rakuten Travel, Jalan, etc.) other than the Official website.

    ●For preparation, discounts will be applied only to accommodation plan booked in advance.
     We will not be able to respond after you come to the hotel, so please be sure to mention that you are using the campaign when making a reservation.
     In addition, we do not offer discounts for meals outside the plan or when the plan is changed on the day.

    ●The half board plan cannot be reserved because Monday is a regular restaurant holiday.

    ●We have reached the reservation limit, so we have closed the reception deadline.
     Please note that you will not be able to get a discount even if you contact us to request a discount after the reception is over.

    ●We ask for your understanding and cooperation in "New Travel Etiquette" to prevent Novel Coronavirus infectious diseases.
     In addition, the campaign may be changed or suspended without notice due to the announcement of priority measures such as declaration of emergency and prevention of spread.

    ●It cannot be applied to the cancellation fee due to customer's convenience or the above reasons.
     A cancellation fee will be charged as described in each plan.