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Ekiben / catered food

Hotel Heimat's ekiben offers award-winning ekiben from all over Japan.

●Received an award from Ekiben Daishogun at Ekiben Aji-no-Jin (Ekiben Grand Prix) 2012"Tarameshi (cod rice)"
●Published in the first Jonetsu Ekiben Hakusho of "Jonetsu Ekiben Hakusho" of "Otona no Kyujitsu Club Middle" by JR East
Received the Ekiben Fukushogun & Local Awards at Ekiben Aji-no-Jin (Ekiben Grand Prix) 2013"Iso no Isaribi"
●Ekiben General's award history at Ekiben Daishogun Ekiben Aji-no-Jin (Ekiben Grand Prix) 2019"Sakemeshi (salmon rice)"

Lunch boxes are sold at Yamazakiya, Hotel Front Desk, and Naoetsu Station Joetsumyoko Station" (due to Corona damage, at the drive-through sales office in front of the hotel).
At the drive-through sales office, old-fashioned "Suteteko (long drawers) style" sellers sell.
Our company, which promotes local production for local consumption, uses Koshihikari
*If you make a reservation in advance for groups, it can be delivered to the high-speed service area.Please use it to accompany your trip.
    • 4/29 New ekiben "Herring rice" is now on sale!
      Tarameshi (cod rice)", which has been patronized by everyone as a specialty of Naoetsu Station and Joetsumyoko Station, a new ekiben is now available!

      Its name is "Shinmeshi"!

      Koshihikari from Niigata prefecture is cooked in kelp and laid with brocade eggs.
      It is a herring bento box with herring boiled in Kanro-ni, seasoned kazunoko, and herring konbu maki on top.In addition, the herring pickled in vinegar is mixed with rape blossoms that shine green to create a colorful finish.

      Tarameshi (cod rice), followed by Sakemeshi (salmon rice)"Nishinmeshi" is join.
      Please enjoy the best ekiben made by a long-established hotel!

      Purchase at the drive-through sales office in front of the hotel, Joetsumyoko Station Yamazakiya.
      Please make a reservation in advance if you have a large number of orders or if you are sure to purchase.
    • Founded in 1901, the same old-fashioned handmade taste
      It is a classic bento that has been popular for a long time.

      Enjoy a wide variety of flavors that make use of carefully selected ingredients such as Koshihikari from Produced in Joetsu, fresh fish from the Sea of Japan, and local vegetables.

      Makunouchi lunch may change depending on the purchase situation.
      Please understand.

      *"Atohiku Inari Sushi" will be on sale from 10:00 on the day of the event.
      *Tori-meshi (chicken rice) day sales of "Torimeshi" are limited to Saturdays and Sundays(Reservations can be accepted on weekdays)

      *Please order other lunch boxes by the morning of the previous day.
       In addition, it will be delivered from 10:00.
      • List of Taneichi Station Benichi

        Tarameshi (cod rice)

        1,200 yen(Tax included)

        Sakemeshi (salmon rice)

        1,200 yen(Tax included)

        Herring rice

        1200 yen(Tax included)

        Iso no Isaribi

        1,250 yen(Tax included)


        1,100 yen(Tax included)

        Scallop rice

        1,100 yen(Tax included)

        Kamiechigo Furusato Bento

        1,000 yen(Tax included)

        And sushi

         650 yen(Tax included)

        Seafood valve

        1,100 yen(Tax included)

        Tori-meshi (chicken rice)

        1,000 yen(Tax included)

        Kamabuta Bento

        1,100 yen(Tax included)

        Nidai Shogun Bento

        1,600 yen(Tax included)


        1,100 yen(Tax included)


        1,600 yen(Tax included)


        2,650 yen(Tax included)


        2,950 yen(Tax included)
    • Two popular ekiben flavors at the same time! "Nidai Shogun Bento"
      Ekiben Aji-no-Jin (Ekiben Grand Prix)" (sponsored by JR East), which decides the top of the ekiben by a general vote
      Released was selected in the Ekiben Daishogun the highest award the Tarameshi (cod rice) and Sakemeshi (salmon rice) was one of the Nidai Shogun Bento on July 18, 2020.

      The "Nidai Shogun Bento Generals Bento" is separated by a central container containing pickles, and is packed with Tarameshi (cod rice) Sakemeshi (salmon rice) on the right side.
      The number of side dishes remains the same, and the amount is adjusted to a little more than half.
      The rice cooked with salted kelp, which is common to both lunch boxes, is for one person in total.

      Recommended for those who want to eat both Tarameshi (cod rice) rice and Sakemeshi (salmon rice)
      1,600 yen(Tax included)
    • Hokuriku Shinkansen Joetsumyoko Station"Ekiben Yamazakiya"
      Hotel Heimat is a lunch box shop in Joetsumyoko Station operated by Hotel Heimat.
      We sell a wide variety of souvenirs, sake, dried fish, etc.

      If you make a reservation for various ekiben by the day before, you can deliver it here.
      Please contact below.
    • Hokuriku Shinkansen Joetsumyoko Station"Ekiben Yamazakiya"

      TEL : 025-520-4210
      Business hours
      From 8:00 to 18:30
      *We are shortening business hours to prevent the spread of CoronaAs of R3.4.1
  • catering

    We will deliver the taste of the hotel to your home.

    Please apply by phone, fax, or email at least one week before delivery.

    After receiving it, we will contact you for confirmation.
    When making a reservation, please specify the desired date and time and the delivery address.
    If the delivery address is within 30 minutes from the hotel, the delivery fee will be free.
    *Please contact us for other areas.

    We also offer business trip party services.

    *Depending on the season, we may have to change the contents of the dish.
     Please understand.
    • S-2 Set menu
      ◆Marlin Italian Grill
      ◆Roasted domestic beef and Koshi-no-Tori Chicken Poêlé
      ◆Shrimp chili sauce
      ◆Norimaki / Inari sushi
      ◆Seasonal fruit cupcakes

      Fare:18,500 yen
      • S-2 Set menu

        18,500 yen
    • S-3 Set menu
      ◆Seafood Acqua Pazza
      ◆Koshi-no-Tori Chicken Poêlé/Roasted domestic beef/Roasted special pork
      ◆Shrimp chili sauce & aurora sauce
      ◆Raw sushi
      ◆Seasonal fruit cupcakes

      Fare:21,600 yen
      • S-3 Set menu

        21,600 yen
    • Seasonal marinade

    *All are dishes and prices for 5 people.

    • Assorted sashimi"5 servings"
      P-1: 4,600 yen
      P-2: 6,700 yen
      P-3: 8,800 yen
    • Raw sushi
      P-4 "25 pieces": 4,600 yen
      P-5 "35 pieces": 6,700 yen
      P-6 "50 pieces": 8,800 yen
    • Assorted tempura(Shrimp, dried squid, vegetables)
      P-7: 3,300 yen
    • Thick roasted egg(One)
      P-8: 880 yen
    • Children's lunch"1 serving"(With dessert sandwich)
      P-9: 2,700 yen
    • Upgraded lunch(With miso soup and dessert)
      sum(2nd grade):2,900 yen
      Japanese / Western(2nd grade):2,900 yen
      Japanese / Western(3 steps):4,200 yen

      ・It will be delivered in the vessel used at the hotel.
      ・The vessel is a collection.
    • Lunch box for meetings
      Seminars, lectures, workshops, presentations There are various contents and styles of meetings.
      The contents of the lunch box will differ depending on the gender, age, and each.

      We will discuss the contents and will sincerely provide the lunch box that suits the "meeting".
      In addition to the hotel-specific container (collection required), there is also a one-way type that you can take home as shown in the photo.
      (Takeaway pouch is not included)

      1,000 yen (excluding tax) ~
      *We will prepare according to your budget.
      *The content of the photo is an example of a lunch box of 1,500 yen (excluding tax).

      If you apply for 5 or more, delivery is possible in Joetsu
      Please feel free to contact us.
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